• Application form.  Online Application forms can be filled at the Registrar's Office web page (check
  • Letter of Intent. A brief letter with the applicant's own words, stating their interest in joining this program.
  • Transcript. The applicant's original transcript document (undergraduate and graduate degree -if applicable) should be submitted. It will be approved by ITU Student Administration Office, and a copy of the document is expected to be presented to the interview commission.
  • ALES or GRE score certificate. A Minimum ALES exam score of 55 or GRE score of 149 (Old GRE version: 610) are expected from students who will apply. Validity of ALES and GRE certificates are 3 years. ALES/GRE documents will not be required starting from the 2021-2022 season.
  • Certificates of English proficiency accepted by the ITU, minimum scores and their effective dates can be found at ITU Graduate School's relevant web page by clicking here (valid on date: April 2023). 

However, English certificate is not a prerequisite for program applications. Students can complete their registration successfully without an English certificate, but they cannot take courses until delivery of a valid English certificate. Applicants who need an English proficiency exam certificate can check the web page of ITU Foreign Languages School by clicking here.

  • Two reference letters. At least one of the letters is expected to be written by a previous instructor/lecturer of the student. Letters should be delivered to the interview commission if they can not be submitted digitally.

NOTE: For multiple ITU Masters Degree program applications for the same semester, applicants are accepted only for a single program according to their preference order. Students are not allowed to change their preference order after getting acceptance from different programs. Applicants are advised to check desired ITU master programs throughly and make their preference order accordingly.