As we are racing towards the 21st century, markets are fiercely competitive, time is increasingly precious, and resources are limited. New generations of materials and methods continue to grow more complex - requiring a tight coupling of technological and management processes. To gain the confidence and competitiveness that is crucial to success in today's business environment, you would need a staff of world-class caliber with business experience, technological know-how, and increasingly demanding management skills, as well as an expert R&D team.

To retain a competitive edge in project dependent industries, business professionals have to take advantage of every possible opportunity from the design team's earliest tasks to the delivery of the final product. Management of the overall process becomes crucial, rather than the management of independent tasks and phases. Additionally, multi-project management becomes critical to the company's overall strategic success. As these professionals are faced with a continuum of management and decision-making challenges, Project Management Center (PMC) remains committed to the delivery of innovative solutions to meet their growing needs.

The offerings of PMC are designed to meet the diverse requirements of firms from startup enterprises to large corporations. Companies partnering with PMC have the opportunity of supporting their endeavors with technology, resources and know-how in meeting their time-to-market goals and business objectives. We make a commitment to maximize the return on your PMC investment by ensuring high productivity and the latest technologies in your business endeavors, as well as reduced cost and schedule duration, together with insured quality on your projects. We provide an extensive selection of consulting and educational services, customized to provide a total solution that fits your company's particular needs.

Our mission is to gain international recognition as a center of excellence in topics of project and construction management in both theoretical and practical applications through teaching, training, research and development and by by providing the highest level of expert service to business practices. We aim to bridge the gap between theoretical studies conducted in the academic environment of the universities and practical undertakings of industry. In this sense, the role of the center can be described as a platform that establishes a cooperative atmosphere by linking academic and practical environments to the benefit of both academics and practitioners. The center also aims to establish cooperative links with other universities and related research centers in transferring information at both national and international levels.

Academic Links

Through research-based links with other universities and centers we aim to develop and apply new methods of management and technology for the construction sector. We offer to join forces with academic institutions in endeavors such as:

  •     Development of interactive automation systems
  •     Development of management software
  •     Joint research projects
  •     Workshops/seminars/conferences, and other educational activities
  •     Information development and sharing

Industrial Links

PMC is dedicated to educating, guiding and assisting practitioners in the field of construction & project management, and to encouraging the development and growth of the construction sector as a whole by:

  •     Developing & applying technology and management theories and practices in fulfilling project requirements
  •     Researching in new construction technologies
  •     Encouraging professionalism in project management
  •     Developing basic concepts and creating supplementary methods and applications in project management & technology
  •     Providing a platform for the exchange of ideas, technologies, and information in the areas of project management and IT
  •     Training, educating and guiding business professionals in how to benefit from management applications
  •     Conducting academic research regarding problems in industry
  •     Encouraging academic and industrial research in the field of construction/project management and technology

Providing a variety of professional services to industry, including: reorganization, automation, software development, benchmarking, and business process reengineering...